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GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

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Are You Ready For Bad Weather?

Are You Ready For Bad Weather?

Scientists expect January and February this year to be amongst the coldest of the last three decades. If you’re worried about being frozen in (or frozen out) this winter, then our Genies could warm your world.


broken down car in the snowUK winter weather can take us all by surprise – even support teams for our emergency services. As one of our long-standing customers, the Coventry-based Air Ambulance Service knew what to do when their small but perfectly formed support team was snow-bound and unable to make it to work. They contacted us straight away and we were able to handle all their media calls and charity enquiries until things could get back to normal.


When key employees in any small organisation can’t make their normal journey to work, it can be a big problem, especially if the bad weather lasts for several days or even weeks.


Here are some things you can think about if this year’s winter wonderland turns into a bit of a nightmare for you.


Keeping your staff safe

Even a short journey in the snow and ice can be risky if the weather is really bad. Listen out for the weather reports and make sure you let your employees know that you don’t expect them to head out into dangerous conditions.


If public transport will be affected but some of your team have four-wheel drive cars and are confident driving in snow and ice, you could arrange a rota to get everyone to work and home again safely.


You could also look at options to provide cover for people who travel further, so that they can arrive a little later and leave earlier while the bad weather continues.


Give some thought in advance to things that can be done remotely, even if working from home isn’t usual for your business. It might be possible for members of staff to take home laptops, as long as security and privacy aren’t at risk.


Customer service

Meetings with clients might have to be cancelled or replaced with FaceTime, Zoom or GoToMeeting calls instead. Set things up in advance and test it with your team so that you know your customer calls will work seamlessly and look professional.


Depending on your type of business your customers still might visit you, despite the weather. Don’t assume that people won’t come out and avoid disappointment by calling your customers to let them know you’ll be closed or that just a few people will be at work. To manage expectations, send an email in advance, put messages on your website, and leave clear information on your voicemail.


Have a backup plan

Hopefully the weather won’t be so bad that your premises are damaged, but it’s worth making sure everyone knows what to do if the electricity supply fails or melting snow and ice causes flooding, for example.


While your insurance might cover the cost of repairs, your local electricians, builders and plumbers could all be busy if a lot of people are having the same problems. It might take a while to get everything back to normal, so it’s a good idea to think about what you would do if your premises had to close for a week or more.


Too much to handle?

If you’re worried that you don’t have time to plan, test and follow-up your winter weather plans you can always ask the Genies to get involved. They are experienced administrators, so they won’t need a magic wand to help you prepare for a frosty fright this winter.


Our Genies can magically make some marvellously effective plans for you to use. They can make calls to your staff and customers and pass on messages if your team can’t make it to the phones.


Get in touch of you would like some Genie guidance.


Jacqui Frost

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