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GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

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17 Oct 2019

Brexit boom or bust - scared about how you’ll manage?

Who knows what will happen with Brexit at the end of this month?


Will it be ‘double, double toil and trouble’ for your business?


Trade, talent and transition

Research by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) surveyed 1,062 small companies, of which about two-fifths believed a no-deal Brexit would case a dark shadow over them. Of these, one-fifth didn’t have any bight lights to shine on this problem, and two-thirds thought it wasn’t possible to get ready in time. So, not very happy spirits at all!


Trade, talent and transitional arrangements are all on the list of concerns for small businesses, according to the FSB. Topping the list of worries are:

  • access to EU single market and non-EU markets
  • access to skills, labour and the ease of doing business within the EU
  • what will happen with EU funding
  • the regulatory framework after leaving the EU.


So, pretty much everything, really.


Many of the FSB’s members have employees and about a fifth have EU citizens as workers. This is often because of skills shortages in their region or business sector. Some fear that they will have to wind up their businesses if their EU elves can’t help out any more.


Great expectations

However, some businesses see Brexit, whatever form it takes, as an opportunity.


In 2015 over half of FSB members thought that ‘reducing the regulatory burden’ would help small businesses.


Many of the regulations, such as employment law, health and safety and data protection, have been heavily influenced by the EU.


Which are you?

Are you worried about how you’ll manage if you have to reduce your staff after Brexit or how you’ll cope if business booms?


Whatever your Brexit worries or hopes, a Genie could be your answer.


If you need to down-size a Genie’s can answer your phones and deal with your administration just like a team member, but virtually. It’s magic!


If you see opportunities around the Brexit corner but you’re not ready to take on new staff, some Genie-generated extra energy to your existing team could make all the difference.


If you become so busy that you need to take on new people but don’t have time to organise job descriptions, advertisements, short lists and offers then the marvellous ministrations of a Genie are just what you need.


So, whatever is brewing in your Brexit cauldron, let our Genies help you to give it a stir. Call us today.


Jacqui Frost

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