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18 Oct 2018

Call Handling For Accountants

Having looked after quite a few accountants, we know how important it is for them to concentrate on their clients’ numbers. They can’t be distracted by their own numbers, their phone numbers that is. Any distractions could cause a mistake getting their clients a slap on the wrist (or worse) from HMRC. That why we provide call handling for accountants.

Call Handling For Accountants

To help them keep their clients and their businesses!

Accounting is one of the most mentally taxing professions. The final numbers have to be correct to the penny. If they’re not, the client can get into trouble and your reputation (and business) won’t be far behind.

Now receiving a phone call or even just hearing a ringing phone might not seem like a big deal, but a fair few experts disagree. Even if something only grabs your attention for a second your brain takes over 20 minutes to get back on track.

That’s 20 minutes when you aren’t working at your full capacity. 20 minutes when you’re more prone to mistakes. 20 minutes that could cost you a client. Every time the phone rings. That why call handling for accountants is so important.

Obviously, my business sells call handling, so you could say I’m biased. That’s fine. You don’t have to use our award-winning call handling (unless you want five-star service) but use a call handling service.

I know it seems almost trivial to answer the phone, but there are going to be times when you can’t . . . or don’t want to . . . answer your phone. There are times when you shouldn’t be answering your own phone; pro-tip that’s most of the time. You shouldn’t have to worry about that; that’s a healthy part of being in business.

But voicemail isn’t the answer as that can cost you just as many clients. Clients who feel unloved because you just let them go the voicemail. Clients who think you’re unprofessional because you haven’t got a receptionist. New clients who sign up with the next name on Google before you can return their call.

Fastest Growing Franchisee Ever!

One of the challenges I had was visiting clients while maintaining a professional image over the telephone. I learned very early on that no one left a message on an answerphone. I did something about it, and I've got the fastest growing franchise in CerTax's entire history - a good part of that success has been thanks to The Office Genie.

D Nicoll

CerTax Accounting

I’m not saying you can’t do it. It’s possible (sort of) and you’re very capable, but it’s stress you don’t need. More importantly, as an accountant, you’re probably charging at least £40 an hour. The Office Genie’s award-winning, five-star call handling for accountants service costs less than a pound an hour. You’re the accountant, so I’ll let you do the rest of the maths.

Call 01604 529171 and ask for Lesley or fill out the form below to start discussing how call handling for accountants can change your business.


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Jacqui Frost

Jacqui Frost

Chief Genie

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Super friendly, super approachable

I’ve been using Jacqui Frost and The Office Genie to handle incoming sales calls and incoming sales processes for a short while now with one of my retail companies and am absolutely over the moon with the service they provide - Incredibly professional.

We’ve struggled before with outsourcing call handling and order taking and it never really quite worked and the customer service really did suffer

Jacqui Frost and The Office Genie team are absolutely spot on. Super friendly, super approachable, really genuine in their tone and they way they handle enquiries and calls. Incredibly efficient - the systems they have in place are second to none. I would absolutely and highly recommend The Office Genie if you are thinking about outsourcing something as important as customer facing, ordering and /or contact facility they are absolutely top notch.

Jez Rose

The Behaviour Expert