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12 Jun 2019

Customer Service Up Close – It’s Personal

Your clients want to feel pampered and just a little bit spoilt when they take time out of their busy day for a health or beauty treatment. It’s important that they have a magically excellent experience – and that’s all down to you.


When you deliver great service to your clients, they will want to come back for more. Just as importantly, they will tell other people about their wonderful experience and that will improve your reputation and help your business to grow. When you’re fully booked you’ll know that your business is thriving and you’re doing a great job.

Office Genie Close and Personal

Our favourite entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson says that customer service is all about the details; “no matter how big (or small) you are, details count”.


So, which details will add the magic to your customers’ experiences?



You need to be ready with your brightest smile to make sure your client feels they are really important for the whole time they spend with you.



You need enough time to find out exactly what your client wants from their treatment and to help them make the perfect choice. If you’re running a little behind schedule, it’s important to let them know you care about every moment of their time and to re-book their appointment if necessary.



When you’re really busy it can be difficult to make sure that everything is as tidy as you want, but it’s important that your client feels comfortable in a fresh, clean and relaxed environment.



Throughout their treatment your client will want to know that they have your full attention. If you are worried or distracted, they will be sure to notice. With ten, fifteen or even more appointments a day it can be difficult to remember all the details, so your records of preferences and requests need to be excellent too.


I can already hear you saying: “Where am I going to find the time to do all that?”


All you need is a little bit of magic

Our Genies are here to help you put an extra sparkle into your customer service. Here’s how they work their magic.


Handling your calls – how often do you find yourself talking on the telephone when your next client arrives? You don’t want to be rude to the person on the phone, but your bright and sunny welcome for your next client is ruined. When our Genies take all or some of your calls for you it works like a charm. You will have time to breathe between appointments and be ready to give your clients the personal attention to give their experience the ‘Wow!’ factor.


Booking your appointments – every little detail is important to our Genie’s. Just tell us the ingredients you need to work your magic from the length of each treatment to your client’s favourite products. Our Genies will book your appointments for you and make sure you have all the right details at your fingertips. Your treatments will go smoothly and your clients will feel thoroughly indulged.


Our Genies can work with your booking system or they can use our own bespoke system. Once you have a record for each client it will be easy to add some quick notes after every appointment, to make their next visit even more special.


Keeping your clients informed – our Genies can send reminders to reduce your missed appointments or rearrange appointments if there’s a problem at the salon or you’re ill and unable to work. If you’re running behind schedule, they can even give your clients a quick courtesy call to let them know you value their time.


With all these details taken care of, you can relax and focus on your clients. You can keep your salon beautiful, your products in stock and you will be relaxed and ready to you charm your clients with exceptional service.


If you would like to share the magic, then please get in touch.


Jacqui Frost

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Jacqui Frost

Jacqui Frost

Chief Genie

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Represents my business superbly

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that we at Pink Lizard Promotions have received from The Office Genie. Working with you has been a true pleasure and the service that you provide is invaluable.


The Genies have always handled my calls in a professional and friendly manner and represented my business superbly. Working with you ensured my customers always received fantastic customer service and a human voice at the end of the phone.


I would be happy to recommend this fantastic business without hesitation.


Thank you once again.

Kate Duffield

Pink Lizard Promotions