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06 Jun 2019

Customer service – Why the sky is not the limit

On my way to work I sometimes like to listen to Chris Evans on Virgin Radio. This week he interviewed the man himself – Sir Richard Branson – about his plans for galactic space flights.


Sir Richard must be one of the very few entrepreneurs who is inspirational enough to persuade 800 people to pay $300,000 each for something that they can’t have – yet.  Perhaps it’s because the Virgin brand has always been well-known for giving customers what they want – in short, customer service. You can’t really fault a brand that is committed to ‘heartfelt service’.


Hearing Sir Richard talk with such confidence about his plans to make a trip into space reminded me about an equally confident comment he made a while ago on Twitter.


Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.”


This really strikes a chord with me. It’s exactly how we work here, and we’re always aiming to be better. There aren’t any limits to our ambition to provide the best customer service. Just like Virgin Galactic, the sky isn’t the limit.

Sky is not the limit quote

Customer service is all about people

Everyone in The Office Genie team is chosen because they are all about people. That’s one thing you can’t teach.


Then we train them in every aspect of the services we provide. For example, our Genies do so much more than take messages; they handle calls personally and professionally and deliver great customer service. We’re working with the lovely Marie Cross of First Impression Training to make sure we create the right first impression and that everything just keeps on getting better from there.


We agree with Sir Richard; we know how good our team is, we train them really well and we’re very proud that they love working here.  That’s important for our clients too, because they can get to know the team and relax, knowing who’s handling their calls and the quality they can expect.


Share the Genie magic

Do you struggle to pick up important calls, forget to follow-up or call back your customers? If you’re busy and distracted, you can’t give them the attention they deserve.


Our Genies use their exceptional skills and training to make sure each caller knows how important they are to you. They take time to understand you, your business and your customers, so they are genuinely part of your team. They can give positive and useful information to your callers and will know when you need to be involved.


They can take all your calls or just the ones you can’t answer yourself, leaving you free to grow your business.


If your business operates early, late or even around the clock our Genies can be there to provide that extra touch of magic for your callers. Even better, they will keep records for you using our bespoke system. You’ll know who called, when and what happened next.


If booking appointments or customer visits are important to your business, they can do that too.


If you would like to share this standard of customer service with your customers then we would like to help you, so just give us a call on 01604 532 103 or drop us a line to enquiries@theofficegenie.co.uk if you’d like to know more.


Sarah Stokes

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I am writing to thank you and your team for your ongoing help with my business.

As a business coach I am very often away from the office visiting local businesses to help them improve their performance in terms of time, team and money.

Part of the coaching stresses of the importance of good efficient customer service, so its important to me to know that while I'm out of the office all calls are handled professionally, courteously and the messages that are sent onto me are crisp, clear and concise.

It amazes me that any business spends money on marketing and then doesn’t answer the phone properly when someone contacts them. That just seems a complete waste of marketing money so I would recommend your telephone answering service to anyone who is hoping people will contact their business and is worried about missing that vital call.



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