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21 Mar 2019

Do I Have To Let a Call Answering Service Take All My Calls?

There are dozens of call answering services available. The level of service is usually the key difference. Most will just take a basic message and contact details, a few will be able to handle the whole call for you, just like an in-house receptionist. One of the first question you’ll probably want to ask is do I have to give a call answering service all my calls?

Do I Have To Let a Call Answering Service Take All My Calls?

The short answer is no.


This is such an important question because they’re still your calls, so you should ensure you stay in control of them. The good news is that there’s no reasons you shouldn’t be completely in control of this at all time. Which calls you divert to your call answering service and when is up to you.


Specifically, it’s controlled in the phone system you use. A basic phone line like those provided by BT or Virgin Media should have a call divert feature. As far as I’m aware, all the providers have this as an option, although you might need to get them to turn it on for your line.


Then it’s simply a case of choosing the right option, which you usually do by dialling a code on your phone. For example, BT provide the ability to divert all calls, only divert calls not answered in 15 seconds, divert calls only when your phone is engaged.


If you’re using a standard phone line, your options will be limited. Virgin media provide the same three options as BT do. In my experience, the three basic options, divert all calls, divert if not answered, divert if engaged, are usually sufficient. If you have a more sophisticated phone system for your business then you’ll likely have more options, such as changing the time before a call diverts.


Either way, a call answering service doesn’t have to take all of your calls. In fact, the most common way we work is by taking only the calls our clients can’t or don’t want to answer, the overflow calls, working in concert with the existing team or receptionist.


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