GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019
GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

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Experience great Call Handling first
hand... just dial: 01604 532103.

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29 Aug 2019

Driven To Distraction?

Your business takes you all over the countryside for meetings, measurements, deliveries and installations. You might be tempted to think that catching up on some phone calls while you’re driving is a wizard way to make good use of your time, so here’s some food for thought.

Using Your Mobile Whilst Driving The Office GenieDid you know?

We all know that it’s illegal to use hand-held phones while driving, but even using a speaker phone built-in or synched to your vehicle, Bluetooth headphones or earpieces can make your mind misty.


Up to five minutes after your call has ended, you will still be distracted and more likely to have an accident.


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) says that hands-free phone users are more likely to miss road signs, ‘tailgate’ the vehicle in front and might take longer to brake.


Police can stop and fine you if they believe you’re not in control of your vehicle because you are distracted by using a hands-free mobile device. It can also be a consideration in other more serious offences, such as dangerous driving.


The House of Commons Transport Committee has warned that current laws give the ‘misleading impression’ that hands-free phone use whilst driving is safe. MPs want to banish hands-free phone use while driving.


Visit the Genie Wonderland

You might be thinking that this is terrible news for your business. How are you going to keep on top of your work, keep your customers happy and respond to sales enquiries?


Worry not, our Genies can bring you good fortune.


Your customers really deserve your full attention. If you’re driving, they will know you have other priorities and that won’t give the right impression. Our Genies are very experienced call handlers. They don’t just take messages. In their magical way they will enthral your customers and resolve many of your common queries, right there and then. They can use their mystical powers to book appointments and even complete sales for you.


You won’t need runes to know what’s happening. You will receive Genie Ge-mails instead that you can read when you arrive at your destination.


When you get back to your desk you can take control of your calls or leave our Genies to manage things marvellously.


And there’s more…

Reducing your mobile phone use can be good for you too. It has been shown that frequent mobile phone use can affect your mood and cause anxiety. The blue light created by mobile devices can also damage your eyes and affect how well you sleep. There’s even a condition known as ‘text neck’ caused by the added strain of looking down at your phone rather than straight ahead.


Who wouldn’t like to feel happier, sleep better and get rid of a pain in the neck?


There’s no end to the difference our Genies can make. Get in touch today.


Jacqui Frost

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