GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019
GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

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Experience great Call Handling first
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07 Mar 2019

Five Ways To Show Your Customers You Value Them

The best way to keep customers is to show them you appreciate them. Make them feel special. That’s a full-time job on its own. It’s not enough to contact them every once in a while with a money off voucher or a “catch up” email.

Valued customers

Value your customers. After all, they’re valuable!

So how can you show your gratitude and appreciation on a regular basis? Here’s five ways to show your customers you value them.

Be There For Them

This is the most important one. Simply, be available. Your client will find it hard to feel valued if you don’t respond to their emails or answer their phone calls.

Reply to emails within 24 hours. If you do miss a phone call, then return it as soon as possible and apologise. They’re paying for your time, that doesn’t mean they can expect you to drop everything, but it does mean they can expect not to be ignored. And your definition of being ignored might differ from theirs.

Help Them With Their Problems

This might not be a problem with your service, but if a client comes to you, you need to act fast. If it’s your problem, apologise for the mistake and make it right. Then make sure the same thing never happens again.

If it’s a more general problem, think carefully about if you can still help. Can you point them in the right direction or recommend someone who could help? Worst case, just listen, 9 times out of 10 that’s all someone needs.

Ask For Their Feedback

Most people love to give their input into something. It’s even better if someone asks you. Even if they don’t actually give you a review or similar, just asking them was the important thing that made them feel good.

Support Their Business

If you’re B2B, nothing makes your clients love you quite as much as hearing you recommended them. It’s a good idea to check with your client they’ll be happy for you to do this, but I’d be surprised if anyone said no. Do this whenever and wherever you can. They’ll probably return the favour!

Treat Them As An Individual

Once your business grows past a certain point, it’s easy for your clients to become entries on a spreadsheet. Frequently remind yourself they’re people with thoughts and feelings just like you. Yes! All of them. We all have a need to be recognised as real people; make sure your business does this for its clients.

If you need a little help making your customer feel valued, whether you’re fudging your follow up or just struggling to answer your phone, give us a call on 01604 532 103 or fill out the form below.

Best wishes


Jacqui Frost

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We were very well looked after by Jacqui, her colleagues and the dogs!! We were made to feel at home and were extremely satisfied with the services extended to us. It was very handy having the sports bar next door as we were able to continue our meeting over lunch.

We normally use our head office in Northampton for our meetings but due to access problems we were not able to do so on this occasion so we were very grateful that we were able to book your services at such short notice.

Rest assured if we are ever in a similar predicament you are top of the list!!

J Bucknor

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