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14 Mar 2019

How Does a Call Answering Service Answer My Phone?

If you’re thinking about using a call answering service, your first question might be how can they answer my phone? It’s a sensible question to start with. You don’t want to sign up with someone only to find that you have to pay for a complicated phone system or use a phone number they own.

How does a call answering service answer my phone

Luckily, that’s not usually the case!

Most reputable call answering services will ask you to use your phone provider’s call divert feature to send your calls to them behind the scenes. Your phone provider usually has a small fee for this feature. Once it’s activated, you can punch a code into your phone to turn it on or off as much you like.

This also means you don’t have to change your phone numbers.

This also means you can leave your call answering provider if you need to without much trouble. Your call answering service will give you a phone number, but it shouldn’t be one your customers ever see. You’ll use your phone provider’s divert feature to send your calls to that number behind the scenes. That’s how a call answering service can answer your phone remotely.

The phone number they give you to divert to should be unique to your business.

The reasons being that a call answering service needs a way to identify the call coming in so they can answer in your name. This is most often done with software that connects that number to a profile for your business. When a call comes in on a particular number it causes the correct profile to pop up on the screen.

That way the people on the phone know how to answer and handle the call to your business to provide a seamless experience for your customers.

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