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GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
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23 May 2019

How Much Does a Virtual Receptionist Cost?

Having a receptionist can be a huge benefit to your business. They’ll make you look bigger and more professional, they’ll help you convert more sales, and they’ll do some of the £10 an hour work so you can get on with the £100 an hour work. And, as we’ve said before, it’s crucial to the success of your business to ensure your phones are covered at all times.



While there’s something to be said for the benefits of having someone in house, the big problem is the cost, both time and money. First, you need to get set up to employ people. Then you’ll probably incur some costs in the hiring process. After that, you’ll need to pay the wage and all the overheads that come with that. That quickly adds up.

Virtual Receptionist Pig

Assuming you go for a full time receptionist, you’ll end up spending somewhere between £10 and £20 an hour. After that, you’ll need to think about your phones during holidays, sickness, lunch breaks, and even when your receptionist is on the phone. In the end, for a small to medium business, a traditional receptionist just isn’t a very good deal. That’s why so many are using virtual receptionist, but how much does a virtual receptionist cost?


What should be immediately obvious is all the things you don’t need to pay for. As a virtual receptionist provider won’t be an employee of your company, you don’t have to worry about any of those associated costs. You don’t need any of the requirements to become and employer, no hiring costs, and no ongoing headaches or overheads that comes with employees.


To dig a little deeper, it’s important to compare what we’re getting for the price. A traditional receptionist is £10-20 an hour for one person; this means your phones won’t be covered when they’re on holiday, on lunch, on the phone or even on the loo!


As a virtual receptionist is a service provided by a company, you’ll get a team of people, often on a 24/7 basis. That means a virtual receptionist gives you something that is very difficult to get from a traditional receptionist, which is full-time coverage. Even a full time receptionist will only be there for about 40 hours a week, minus any required breaks or holiday. If you’re aware of all the problems that come with not manning your phone properly, you’ll realise what a huge benefit that is.


But how much does a virtual receptionist cost?

Well, it varies. What you pay will be determined by your usage. If your virtual receptionist answers 100 calls for you, you’ll pay more than if they answered 10 calls.


As far as I’m aware, the cheapest option is £1 a message. They’ll send you a name and contact details and the rest is up to you. It’s a slight improvement over voicemail. Truthfully, The Office Genie is on the other end of the scale, roughly equivalent in cost to someone like Moneypenny. We charge more than £1 a message because we provide a more complete service. Unlike most other providers, we can handle a call from start to finish, we’ll answer their questions, book an appointment, take a payment, all in your business’s name.


All that and it’s still a fraction of the cost of a traditional receptionist; to replicate the service we provide with traditional receptionist, you’d end up paying a lot more in a month then we would charge for the whole year.


Give us a call on 01604 954 285 or email if you’d like to know more.

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Jacqui Frost

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