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28 Jun 2018

How to Cope With Sickness in Business

As small business owners, we know sickness can be crippling when you’re running a business. Whether it’s you or your staff, coping with sickness in business is complicated. Your entire week can be ruined by as little as a single day’s illness. Have you ever been left thinking life was so much easier when you worked alone?

It’s that horrid balance, isn’t it? You need to take the time or allow your staff the time to recover fully, but your business needs to stay on track. Everyone should already be at full capacity so finding cover to cope with sickness can be tricky.

Sickness in business

So what can you do? Usually, you are faced with few options:

Cancelling or delaying work

This is probably the worst option. You have to tell your clients that due to something you should have planned you have to fail to meet a deadline.

Although most of your clients will probably be quite understanding, you’ve got to wonder if it might have a knock on effect. For example, their review might be slightly less glowing or they might now be slightly less likely to recommend you. No matter how understanding you are, it’s difficult to forget you were let down by this company. It might also raise questions about whether you go back to them for repeat business.

Call someone in from their day off or holiday

If you have this option, it will seem slightly more palatable to you and the business. But it’s hardly a solution. How many people can drop everything to come into work? You also have to bear in mind that you might then have to further rearrange to give them a day off somewhere else, which may well leave you short staffed on another occasion.

Share out the work

Providing there are other staff members who can do the work you might be able to share out the essential elements of the workload between them. This will work for a day or two, but those people should have already been working to their maximum productivity so now they are overloaded. They won’t be able to sustain that for long.

Outsource the work at short notice

The best way to cope with sickness in business is usually to outsource something; however, doing this at the last minute isn’t a great idea. Apart from having to choose one in a hurry, you’ll have to go through all the rigmarole of setting up the relationship.

Much better to have this setup in advance and just “switch it on” when you need it.

That’s why we’ve created several ways for clients to do this. One of the ways you could ease your workload is to send your phone calls to us. If you get set up as a short-term client now, then you can just “switch it on” when someone calls in sick.

Or how about getting a day or two’s worth of looking after your emails, website enquiries or marketing activities? We can do that on an ad hoc basis if you get set up as a client in advance.

One of the clients we do this for said, “The Office Genie are wonderful. In the last couple of weeks, we have had a couple of members of staff off sick. They are true professionals, understanding our needs and making last minute changes for us as required.”

Call today and find out more about how this works. Then, when you need to cope with sickness in the business, you’ve got the perfect solution in your pocket (or your lamp. You know, because we’re genies?)

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Jacqui Frost

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