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21 Feb 2018

How to Deliver Amazing Customer Service

Remember that it’s “All because the lady loves milk tray”

Do you remember the Milk Tray adverts? The one where the secret agent type goes to extremes to deliver Milk Tray chocolate? Obviously, they’re a bit dated now, but they hold a lesson about how to deliver amazing customer service. Here’s the one where he fights a shark!

When was the last time you fought a shark for your customers?

Obviously, the lesson isn’t to fight a shark or jump of a cliff; the lesson is that good customer service is about reaching your customers where they are. It’s about the business going that extra mile for the customer, not about making the customer jump through hoops. Amazing customer service is going to your customer, not expecting them to come to you or meet you in the middle.

One of the challenges facing small businesses is doing that when there isn’t a dedicated customer services team. It’s often up to a very small team to do that alongside all the work they have to do to actually generate revenue.

The rewards make it worth it though. Most people realise loyalty is built up over time and has a lot to do with the customer service provided by the company in question. Once you have received excellent service you will rarely go anywhere else.

So how do you deliver amazing customer service?

Obviously, you can write thousands of words to answer that question, but I think the secret agents Milk Tray employs give us a few pointers to remember.

  • Be available
  • Be attentive
  • Be responsive

Be available whenever your customers need you to be. Be attentive to their needs. Be responsive to the obstacles to providing amazing customer service (such as sharks).

Of course, the flipside is bad or indifferent customer service, and I’m not sure which one is worse. We don’t always need to jump off cliffs to meet our customer’s needs, but a company that shows they go that little bit further than the others will always reap the benefits.

We have a client that works in domestic cleaning. Whenever they finish a job at someone’s house, they leave fresh flowers. It’s one of those little things that makes a difference, and makes the service remembered for the future.

In the current climate, making your business memorable and standing out from the competition is even more important, but even more so is making it easy for your customers to come back to you and recommend you to their friends.

So what can you change about your customer service to make it that little bit more memorable?

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