GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
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GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

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Experience great Call Handling first
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18 Apr 2019

How to Get an Address for a Business

This might seem like an odd one. After all, anybody can just use their home address for their business, right? What kind of shady business needs to keep their address secret?


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Well, there are quite a few legitimate reasons you might need another address for your business. While you can use your home address that might not be something you want to share with everyone. You might want to keep your address away from grubby marketers. Or perhaps you just want to improve the image of your business with a more “professional-looking” location? With that in mind, I thought we’d cover how to get an address for a business.


It’s actually quite a straightforward thing to do. Simply put, you find a business, like The Office Genie, who offers this service. Assuming you’re happy with all the details, you enter into a contract with them. And that’s pretty much it. From then on, you can use that address as your own.


There may be some conditions in the contract about how you’re allowed to use the address, so make sure you check.


Generally speaking, there are two ways you’d use this address.

The first is as a registered address, so that address becomes the official address for your business. This would be the address that goes up on Companies House. Typically, this is only relevant for incorporated business. Your registered address is where everything from statutory notices to tax bills will be sent.


The second use is much more common, and it’s to use the address only as a postal address.


In both cases, the company offering the address service might also offer services beyond simply being an address and forwarding service. For example, at The Office Genie you can also instruct us to only forward certain post. Or even open some of your post, scan it and email you the scans.


As with most of our services, it’s really up to you. If you’re interested in how to get an address for a business email or call us on 01604 532 103 and ask for Lesley.


Best wishes



Jacqui Frost

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Best move I have made so far

I recently started my own small business having previously worked for a large corporation for many years. For the first few months I really worried about missing or not handling phone calls correctly when I was busy with a client or in a meeting. I truly missed the large corporation support environment that I had become used to. I would dash to check my phone and had to call back any missed calls to see if they still needed my help. Not everyone leaves a message especially a potential new client!


I discussed my worries with a friend of mine and they recommended I contact The Office Genie about their telephone support service. I can honestly say that this was one of the best moves I have made so far. If I am in a meeting or with a client I can now relax knowing that any phone calls will be professionally answered by The Office Genies using my script and my company name. I share my diary and whereabouts with The Office Genies so that they can speak with confidence to my clients about where I am and when I will able to return calls. I immediately receive an email following any phone call they have just handled for me. This includes comprehensive information about the call and the clients’ details etc.


I would have no hesitation in recommending The Office Genie to any fellow business owner, in fact I find myself sharing my experiences and knowledge about The Office Genie to others on a regular basis.

Paul O'Leary