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GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

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Experience great Call Handling first
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04 Apr 2019

How to Stop Unwanted Sales Calls

Most of you are probably aware of the good old ex-directory. It works by ensuring your phone number isn’t shown in certain places, like directory enquiries. It’s a great start to stopping unwanted sales calls, but it’s not the best option, especially for businesses. There’s a much more effective method for stopping unwanted sales calls. It’s the Telephone Preference Service or TPS for short.

Sales Calls


TPS is a free, very official opt out register backed by OFCOM and ICO. Businesses are normally allowed to call anybody but by registering with TPS you opt out of that. You can register as many numbers as you like, personal or business.


TPS has been around since 1999. It’s been updated several times since so it allows for newer regulations and legislation, like GDPR and PECR.


Once you’ve registered a number with TPS, it’s illegal for a business to call that number unless you have given your permission for them to do so. It’s worth noting that TPS only applies to UK-based companies, so overseas businesses can still call you.


It’s completely free to register and only takes a few minutes (maybe a bit longer if you have lots of numbers).


By registering you would usually expect to see a reduction in sales calls of about 80%. Some companies basically ignore TPS. In our experience, this is down to poor training and ignorance rather than wilful law breaking. In those cases, it’s normally enough to politely point out we’re TPS registered and ask them to remove us from their records. You can also report them on the TPS website. Reported numbers are passed onto the ICO who will investigate further.


There’s no fee for TPS, and you don’t get added to any marketing lists.


If you’d like to register with TPS, then the first step is to check if you’re already registered. You can click here to get to the right place.  You can only check a few numbers in each 24 hour period.


Providing you’re not already registered, you can then register. You’ll be asked for a few details to go with the number. Some of them might not seem relevant, but these are questions they’re required to ask. You can click here to start registering


It takes up to 28 days for your preference to get out in the big wide world. After that, you should get a lot less sales calls.


Best wishes


PS the best bit is that if you’re TPS registered and using our award-winning call handling service, we won’t charge you for any unwanted sales calls you do still receive! If you'd like to block a 100% of unwanted sales calls get in touch on 01604 532 103.

Jacqui Frost

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