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23 Aug 2018

How To Use Your Phone for Business

You know, sometimes the right way to use your phone for business is to not use your phone. Namely, when you’re already dealing with someone or trying to get something done.

If you’re with a prospect, customer, supplier or even a colleague, checking or answering your phone is one of the worst things you can do. You might think, “It’s ok because I’m the boss. It’s very important.”, and that might even be true, but it’s still rude and unprofessional.

Using your phone for business

Imagine the reverse of the situation, and you’ll see what I mean. It rarely matters to us how important the other person thinks something is; we just feel ignored and unvalued.

I’ve walked into networking events before and everyone was on their phone. Not the best first impression I’m sure you’ll agree! Are you prepared to work with someone who can’t give you just thirty minutes of uninterrupted time?

What about if you’re “on the clock” for client work, is it professional to give some of their time to your phone? Did you know when you suffer a distraction – like a ringing phone – it takes at least 24 minutes to get back to peak performance; until then, you’re working more slowly and you’re more prone to mistakes.

Running – or even just representing – a business is a 24/7 job, even more so in the world of small businesses, where everyone knows everyone and word spreads fast, and every customer is crucial!

But of course, you can’t just ignore your phone. Every customer – or potential customer or even supplier or employee –is crucial; you need them to feel valued, and ensuring your business is available to them is a brilliant way to do that.

Of course, that’s a catch 22. How do you be available on the phone while giving everybody the undivided attention you need to give them?

The answer is pretty straightforward; get a receptionist to handle your calls for you and schedule dedicated time to deal with any follow-up actions.

You’re probably thinking that’s a very expensive solution, and you’re right when you’re thinking about in-house employees. The real best solution costs less than you might think. More than that, you’re actually losing money by not taking care of this problem, so a virtual receptionist service, done right, actually makes money.

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