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25 Oct 2018

Is Outsourcing Your Call Answering Risky?

Are you thinking about outsourcing to a call answering service and worrying about the risks? If so, that’s probably because you’re thinking about your own customer experiences with call centres.

It’s happened to us all. You call a business only to reach someone who seems to know very little about the business (or even basic customer service). What’s worse is that they just can’t help you. Of course, that’s not a feature of all call answering services. That’s just how that particular company does things.

Is Outsourcing Your Call Answering Risky?

Is outsourcing your call answering more or less risky than a banana peel?

A lot of traditional call centres handle high volumes of calls with the minimum number of staff; therefore, operators are usually encouraged to get callers off the phone quickly so they can pick up the next call. If you’re a big company that might be what you need. Essentially, this is human voicemail. Their job is to hear the call and send it to the right place; they might be able to deal with simple queries.

This isn’t good enough for small to medium businesses. Most people are going to those businesses because they’re looking for a specialist or because they want a more personal service. In both cases, the business needs a call answering service to be very familiar with the business and to be prepared and able to go the extra mile.

So, half the risks can be mitigated by outsourcing your call answering to the right people

You need to think about what you want them to do. What level of service do you need? Do you just want a human voicemail, or do you want a full reception service that can answer general questions, qualify new customers and book them in for a follow-up consultation?

The rest of the risks should be mitigated in the setup process, so you should ask about that in detail.

A very basic set up process might be cause for concern. If there isn’t a part of you coming onboard that deals with learning about your business, then how will your call answering service be able to do what you need?

The last thing to consider is how much does the call answering service offer up front. All the companies I’m aware of offer a free trial. When this is an option, think about the length of the trial. If it’s only a week or two, how likely is it that a company might just provide a higher level of service for that time than they normally would?

Similarly, what options do you have after the free trial? Do you get the full service or just the 9 to 5? Does the company offer any further guarantees of good service? Of course, signing up with a new provider can always be a risk, but a company that can provide a quality service will provide multiple ways for you to be sure of that.

Oh, by the way, did you know The Office Genie gives you a one month long free trial followed by another month of a 100% money back guarantee?


PS you might also enjoy reading more about the risks of call handling or UK-based call handling service?

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