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01 Nov 2018

It’s Our 13th Business Birthday!

Thirteen years! I can hardly believe it. Something like 95% of businesses don’t make it past one year, so this is a huge achievement. Pat yourself on the back if you’re in the same club.

This week, I thought I’d take a little departure from our normal blogs and speak directly about The Office Genie.

Business birthday cake

Leave us a comment, if you’d like a slice of the cake.

I’d been working as an office manager and PA for years, but that wasn’t quite offering me what I wanted anymore. My husband had a painting and decorating business. He was doing quite well, but as his customer base was growing it was proving harder and harder to get everything done.

One of the biggest problems was his phone. It was ringing all hours of the day. Being a painter and decorator he was usually on site, up a ladder, or otherwise engaged. Even when he wasn’t on site, he’d had all the business admin to keep up with.

This left him in a bit of a pickle.

He couldn’t just let the phone ring; that wasn’t the level of service he wanted to provide, but he also knew from experience that a missed call meant missed business. As with most industries, if someone calls a painter and decorator and they don’t answer the phone, that person calls them the next painter and decorator they find on Google.

Similarly, answering the phone was a problem. He was working to a schedule so he couldn’t afford the interruptions. It also didn’t sit right with him to answer the phone to one customer on another customer’s time.

We spent many evenings talking it over. The obvious solution was for me to join him in his business. With my experience, I could easily handle all of his phone calls and admin work. The trouble was that I wanted more.

After plenty of discussion and lots more research, I decided to go into business for myself. Technically, my husband was my first client, but an office supply company followed within a fortnight. They were my first client that wasn’t married to me!

They’re still a paying customer today, nearly thirteen years later.

For a few weeks, it was just me working from home, answering the phone for clients. The business grew quickly, and I hired my first genie within a month.

It was never my ambition to have a big business. I wanted to keep it in a place where we could provide a personal service. I wanted to (and still want to) know every genie and every client.

Obviously, we’ve had our ups and down, like any business, but we’ve grown steadily since those early days. Here are some of the things from the last thirteen years, I’m most proud of:

  • Our first client is still with us
  • Many other clients have been with us almost as long
  • Having grown enough to need bigger offices three times
  • Being able to support so many genies through the years
  • Being able to see so many businesses grow with our support
  • Never having any claims on our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee
  • Winning the award for Best Business Service in 2017
  • Winning the award for Best Commercial Call Handling Service in 2018
  • Winning the award for Best in Secretarial Service in 2018
  • Being a runner up for Best Customer Service in 2018
  • Becoming a limited company

There’s one last thing I’m proud of, but it’s a bit more involved than a bullet point. I’m very pleased to have been able to be to support so many people. Being a part of the lives of so many genies and clients is a wonderful feeling.

Please join me in wishing The Office Genie a happy birthday. I’m sure plenty of you reading this are current or past clients. It would be lovely if you could share one of your fond memories in the comments.

Best Wishes


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