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GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

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27 Feb 2020

Preparing Your Businesses Security For If Things Go Wrong




When we think about disasters, we probably imagine a really serious jinx like a fire, flood, earthquake, or even a train crash.


However, for the small business you love, a disaster could be a cyber-attack, an IT failure, a data security breach or asbestos in your premises. The way you respond to situations like these could make the difference between recovery and success or closure in the next 12 months.


To survive a disaster, your business needs to be resilient. Here are some very practical things you can include in your diabolical disaster recovery plans.


What could possibly go wrong?

The first important step is to get out the crystal ball and think about the things that could happen. What impact they might have on your business?


The problem with disasters and emergencies is that they are very hard to predict. They can include things like accidents, theft, weather damage, technical tantrums or a financial farce.


What can you do?

A business continuity plan gives your business a recovery talisman when something goes seriously wrong. Having a plan in place to respond to possible events means you don’t have to leave everything to chance.


It will help you react quickly and effectively so that you can still pay your bills and taxes and keep your customers informed while you tackle the difficult task of getting things back to normal, or at least getting the key things up and running again.


Making sure you have effective plans to help you recover from a disaster will reassure everybody that you are professional, committed and doing everything possible to get things back on track.


What should a business disaster recovery plan include?

Generally, there are three types of event that could send you into a spin:

  • physical frights like flooding or fire
  • criminal cringes like vandalism or theft
  • technical terrors like a ransomware attack, data breach or IT failure.


A flood or fire could make your premises unusable for months, so you need to think about where else you could be based. This could involve remote working, and temporary office or storage space. If your equipment is destroyed or damaged, you will also need to find replacements or alternatives.


If you have a burglary your premises might be unavailable while the Police investigate, and you might lose property and data. One of your top priorities will be to make sure your customers’ interests are protected, especially if there has been a cyber-attack or IT equipment has been stolen.


Creating a business continuity plan

No two businesses are the same, so you will need to think about things that could happen, how much of a problem they could cause and how likely they are. That will help you to prioritise them in your plan.


Of course, you’re going to think about the worst things first but don’t ignore the smaller but challenging events either.


Often things like access to information, your telephone calls and emails will keep cropping up, so focus on these so you will know what to do. Create action plans so that everyone knows what to expect.


People power

There will be quite a few people, both inside and outside your business, that you will need to contact. They might include your administrators, insurers, your property manager, service providers and customers.


Make a master list, work out how you can keep it up to date, and how you can contact these important people in an emergency.


You’re not on your own

Don’t wait for something bad to happen before you put some key business continuity actions in place.


Setting up a Genie call handling and email plan in case of emergencies means that one problem, at least, can be solved with just one phone call.


Your business telephone numbers can be transferred, and your emails opened quickly and securely. We can call your customers to let them know that you’re working hard to banish the bad luck and to give them updates too.


That will help you to focus on fixing the frights and facing the future with fortitude

Beat the disaster demon with some Genie magic. Give us a call.


Jacqui Frost

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