GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019
GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

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Experience great Call Handling first
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26 Sep 2019

Mind the gap – recruitment for small businesses

So, you’ve had a really bright student working in the office who finished their A-Levels this year. They have been worth their weight in gold but now they’ve received their results and one of three things has probably happened:


  • Their results are excellent and they’re off to the university of their dreams
  • Their results are excellent and they’re off on a gap year to Australia, confident that they can go to the university of their dreams next year
  • Their results weren’t as good as they had hoped and their heading back to education to prepare for re-sits.


recruitment for small businesses imageIf this has happened in your business then you now have a big gap to fill, placing recruitment at the top of your priority list.


Quick cover

As an immediate option a Genie can fly in on a magic carpet to take over telephone calls and administrative jobs while you focus on finding the perfect person to join the team.


What’s even better is that they can help you prepare a job description, find the right places to advertise, sift through all your candidates and arrange interviews.


Employee delight

In the longer term our Genies can polish your processes until they shine. That will improve efficiency and make things much easier to do, so your employees will be enchanted. They will soon be telling their friends and family what a great place it is to work. Before you know, you’ll have people queuing up for application forms and you can have your pick of the crowd.


Always on the lookout

You are probably too busy to spend time engaging with possible future employees, but it could be well worth the effort. Making sure you share information about what you’re like as an employer and the types of opportunities you might have can attract just the right type of acolytes. If you have your hands full then this is just the type of project a Genie can whistle up in a whirl. A good LinkedIn page, for example, is a great way to attract potential employees.


Sharing success

We often forget to tell people what we have done well, but it can really help to build your reputation with employees, and they are your best ambassadors.


You might not have time to create a monthly newsletter or email, but we know a Genie who can. It doesn’t all have to be about work either; you and your team can share how you fundraise for charity or sponsor a good cause too.


The message of this fairy tale…

There’s a lot you can do to make recruiting the ideal candidate easier and our Genies can help. Don’t wait until you already have a gap in your business, start your radiant recruitment plans right now.


Jacqui Frost

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