GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019
GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

Experience great Call Handling first hand... just dial: 01604 532103

Experience great Call Handling first
hand... just dial: 01604 532103.

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Ready? Get Set. Go!


Are you on the starting blocks for a fantastic time in 2020?


Have you started the year with plans to take a much-needed break or to spend time with your family during the school holidays? Do you want to block out some dates to attend a conference or to do some important training?


One of the reasons many business owners don’t do what they plan is the time they will need to spend away from their office.


Fancy phone facts

It’s not surprising. When you’re away from your glorious grotto a lot of calls and enquiries are likely to appear – if you’re not there to work your wonders you could be missing important opportunities.


Here are some interesting figures:

  • Google’s ‘Click to Call’ research found that seven out of 10 customers prefer to call because they want a quick answer; over half just like to talk to a real person.
  • You don’t want to leave things to chance, because over 80% of telephone communication is made up of ‘tone of voice’ and just 14% by the words we use, so the response needs to be just right.
  • If a lead from your website is followed up within five minutes, you’re nine times more likely to convert it to a sale.


Make the magic happen

Whatever you have in mind this year, have you put anything in place to make sure all these magical moments materialise?


Once you have engaged our Genies to handle your calls , you can step away from your phones and emails with confidence.


Our Genies can make sure everything continues to be bright and sparkling while you’re busy being brilliant somewhere else.


You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to arrange.


What a difference a day makes…

In as little as 24 hours a basically beautiful package of Genie call-handling delights can be arranged.


The time it takes will depend on your line provider. As long as you can divert your telephone numbers or have virtual numbers, you can start the transformation by simply putting your pen to our powerful paperwork.


But beware; some providers, like TalkTalk, can take up to 48 hours to divert your calls for the first time and Virgin can take up to a week, so it’s important to check in advance.


Perfect personalisation

We like to add all those personal touches that let your customers know you really want to deliver excellent service.


We can train our team to answer all your common queries. We can even provide directions to your offices, tell people where to park or let them know about problems with access like roadworks or pedestrianised access.


We’re always happy to add some extra attention to personal details too – just let us know who needs a little bit of extra Genie joy. One of our clients asked us to give the magic carpet treatment to one special caller. They were arranging a first date and we’re pleased to say that the romance is progressing well.


We’ll even send you a special Thursday Thermometer email to check how busy you will be and where you are going during the following week, so we can let your customers know when you’ll be able to call them back, if needed.


So, don’t wait to sprinkle a little Genie magic on your business. Call us for your own call handling creation today and you’ll be ready to go (home, on holiday or simply away) whenever you need to.


Jacqui Frost

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Jacqui Frost

Jacqui Frost

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Seamless to my clients and callers

I highly recommend The Offices Genie for their call answering and virtual office services. The support to my business has meant that all my calls are answered professionally, in a friendly manner that is seamless to my clients and callers.

By managing my diary and setting up appointments and back office functions you have ensured that customers are not lost, are well informed and dealt with efficiently in my absence.

Without doubt they bring a "virtual touch of magic" to the businesses they work with ...thank you Genies!

Patsy Wood

Dynamic Development Solutions