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29 Nov 2018

The Benefits of an Office Christmas Party

Getting a group of people together often requires some serious work. Even just getting a date when everyone is free is a big first step. Then you have to find a venue, think about costs, consider the office vegetarian, and so on.

But, of course, you’ll manage it, and it’ll be an achievement. The bigger the team, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the achievement. At some point you have to accept, you can’t please everyone.

“There will always be the one sour face that wanted bowling and got karaoke”

Managing morale can be one of the toughest jobs for a business owner, yet it’s one of the most important. High morale leads to greater productivity, so keeping morale up translates to profits.
The festive period can be one of the more difficult times to keep a team focused. Most people are far too busy thinking about what to get Uncle John, or how they’re going to fit twelve people around a six-seater table!

Throwing a party is actually a great way to keep everyone focused! It lets everyone know they’re appreciated and gives them something to look forward to in the colder, darker months.
We have a Genie Christmas party every year. The next day, my team comes back stronger and more motivated than ever (if sometimes a bit groggy).

It’s the boost that everybody needs, the thank you they deserve, and the appreciation that they need to be shown.

Team picture

As a business owner, it’s great to feel proud of your team.

With some new additions this year, this year’s party will be my first chance to see them all together outside of work.

I always look forward to our Genie Christmas parties. They’re a chance for me to thank my team for doing such an excellent job. It’s also a time to celebrate everything we’ve achieved over the year – plus enjoy some seriously yummy food!

As you know, the life of a business owner is a rollercoaster to say the least. One minute you’re on cloud nine taking on new business, the next you’re working through a stack of CVs following the dreaded notice from one of your top performing employees.

It’s always good to remember your team. They’re an important part of your support network.

So, if you didn’t get round to organising a Christmas party for your team this year, why not just do something small to show your appreciation?
Bring in some mince pies or buy them some bubbly – it might just be the boost they need before Christmas!

Of course, increasing employee morale is more than just a party once a year. Think about some regular events and treats. It can do wonders for their productivity and your profits.

Best wishes

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