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11 Apr 2019

Who’s the Favourite to Win the Masters Tournament?

I’m going to make a controversial statement, but it’s not going to be about the favourite to win the Masters Tournament. Of course, I could give you my opinion, but it would be just that; there’d be no certainty (It’ll definitely be Justin Rose). No, my controversial statement is that the winner is unknown but already decided. How can I say that?


man playing golf


Because, just like in business, “head trash” plays a major role.


“Head trash” is all your baggage. It’s the voice (or more commonly, voices) in your head that fill our brains with roadblocks and obstacles, preventing us from getting to that all-important clarity and focus.

Golf, just like business, is 95% mental and the reality is whatever the voice in your head is talking to you about today is having an impact on you and your business.

And just to be clear, I know that it’s not easy to control the voice in your head, but it is essential if you’re going to win at business.

I’ve had some very challenging times myself this year. On several occasions, I’ve had to take time to consciously get my head straight. How we deal with any situation, whether it’s an opportunity, a challenge or a problem, is 95% mental – it’s all in the head.

It’s not an easy fix, but the first step is at least recognising that your mental state and that voice in your head play a big part in the results you achieve.


This week, as you embark on the travails of an entrepreneur, then know for sure that never were truer words spoken than when Henry Ford said…


If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, then you’re probably right .”


The winner of the Masters will be the one who best controls the voice in their head.


And it’s in the heat of the battle that this is truly tested. When the going gets tough or the pressure is really on, your ability to stay calm and think clearly and accurately will be decisive – it’ll decide whether or not you blow up.


Your ability to avoid distraction and procrastination will be key as to whether you win.


If you're facing some tough challenges this week you can control the voice in your head and prevail too.

I'm rooting for you!


PS and if you need to take a bit of time out this Easter to get your head straight, give us a call on 01604 765 475 or contact us here.


Jacqui Frost

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