GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019
GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

Experience great Call Handling first hand... just dial: 01604 532103

Experience great Call Handling first
hand... just dial: 01604 532103.

Appointment Booking and Diary Handling

Your own dedicated Genies will manage your diary, book appointments for you and handle your calls as if they were in your office.

What you get
Call answering service

Meet Your Team



Client Experience Genie (Facilities & Travel Specialist)

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Client Experience Genie (Construction Specialist)

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Client Experience Genie (Beauty Specialist)

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Client Experience Genie (Client Liaison Specialist)



Client Experience Genie



"Making It Happen" Genie

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Client Experience Genie

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As an Office Genie Appointment Booking customer, you’ll benefit from:

  • Knowing you're not missing out on potential bookings
  • Your diary being managed and your appointments added for you
  • Call Answering Genies who are trained on your business and know you and your team well
  • A choice of hours, 8.30am - 5.30pm, extended to 8pm or 24/7
  • A service that pays for itself by freeing you up and making sure you never miss an enquiry
  • Extending your team without the additional headcount
  • Keeping your existing phone numbers
  • Forwarding of your calls and messages to you to handle when it’s convenient
  • Receiving an immediate email for each message or booking taken
  • Maintenance of your records on our bespoke 'Insight' call handling system
  • Someone who converts your sales enquiries
  • Receiving an end of day report each day

  • Your call answering genie is there to answer your calls manage your diary and add your appointments.
  • With your genies knowledge of your business and innate telephone manner they’ll impress your caller and make sure the call is actioned appropriately.
  • All conversations are recorded and you’ll receive a quick note from each conversation to bring you up to speed and allow you to follow up.
  • We know you’ll love our service, so try it free.

Frequently asked questions

How do you know the call is for my business?

You are given a divert number that is unique to your business, we call this “Your Genie Divert Number”. All calls received on your Genie line will make our screen pop with your company details and give the team all the information we gathered at your discovery call, including your company greeting.

Will all of my calls be answered by Office Genie?

All calls between 8:30 and 17:30 on weekdays are answered by your genies. This can be extended to 20:00 weekdays and 9:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays. If you required 24/7 call answering your calls will be diverted to our partners in New Zealand who cover 'out of hours' support

Is a log kept of all of my past calls?

Yes, we keep a log of all your calls and you'll receive a daily report of your calls too.

How will the genies know what to say?

We train with our clients in a variety of ways. Some send us pages of notes that we discuss, ask questions about that share that info with the team. Other clients have sent us training manuals/how to videos or even booked time to come and work directly with a couple of the team.

Can I turn it on and off when I need it?

Yes, you can let us know when you're available to take calls and when you'd prefer us to handle them and let you know that we've taken a call

How does out of hours answering work?

If you have a requirement for support after 8pm weekday, 5pm Saturdays and Sundays, we partner with a team in New Zealand who can action your calls. We partner with this team as it means that no-one half asleep is answering, all bleary eyed, as its daytime in New Zealand so they are all upbeat and bushy tailed 😊

What you get

  Booking Genie
Diary Management / Appt Booking - various systems  
Personalised Greeting  
No charge for unwanted sales calls if you're TPS registered  
All messages emailed immediately  
Daily report inc. summary of all calls emailed with month to date usage  
Calls actioned according to your availability  
Coverage Mon - Fri 8.30 - 5.30  
Detailed messages  
Flexible contract lengths  
Personalised Voicemail to Email  
VIP caller recognition  
Bespoke Information Captured  
Overnight messages managed  
FAQs answered  
Directions given / lost callers assisted  
Taking online payments  
Unlimited 'call answering script' updates  
Outbound Customer Service calls  
Fax to Email  
Call Patching (transferring calls)  
Customer correspondence actioned Optional Extra
Live call handling Mon- Fri 5.30pm - 8.00pm and Sat 9.00am - 5.00pm Optional @ Just £30/month
24/7 Live call handling Optional Extra
Core service cost/month £138
Included calls 60 Minutes
Additional call costs £1.50/min

What our customers say

A Brilliant Attitude; Whatever I Ask Of Them They Have A Go

I like the fact that they always just say yes and crack on.  They've got a brilliant attitude; Whatever I ask of them they have a go.  They're always available which is another thing I really value.  We've been using them since May 2017.  I think there's two main benefits:

1) My staff are much less stressed. Being a beauty salon, it used to be the case that when the phone range and they were in treatment, it was stressful, because you could hear the phone ringing and not be able to get to it.  If they were busy, they'd get to their lunch break and have calls to return meaning they'd get a shorter break, so the working stress has dropped dramatically. 

2) We're able to fill our diaries more effectively.  We're not missing calls so we're not missing bookings, so I feel we're not losing business that we probably did before. 


I recommend The Office Genie regularly


Harriet Hurrell

Heaven At No 7

Absolute Legends

I just wanted to say a huge massive thank you for everything you’ve done for us over the past few days. I know it’s been a bit stressful, but you lovely lot have dealt with it like absolute legends, so I just wanted to say thanks and we all really appreciate it.


I mean every bit of it.  I know in our industry especially, a Thank you goes a long way.  We love having you lot as part of our emergency team, and I don't feel like we could do it without you!

Amy Lewis

Mooeys Ltd & Mooeys Franchise Ltd

Absolute solution to what I needed


Labs Clinic

Absolutely Fantastic

If you take any kind of bookings, the genies are absolutely fantastic. They can take all your bookings and pop it straight on to your diary. The works done for you, so you can give your clients in the salon 100% focus without missing any customers.

S Aherne

Shwe Tan


The Genies can answer our phone and use our system to book the client’s appointments. We usually have a receptionist so the Genies answer when they’re indisposed, but when our receptionist is sick or on holiday we can get the Genies to answer all calls, which is brilliant.

E Mason

The Spinal Answer Family Chiropractic

Discreet and Confidential Receptionist Service

The Salon Genie is my main receptionist. They answer the phone and book appointments. Our clients travel from around the country to our clinics in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. What I love most about The Salon Genie's service is that it's discreet and confidential service. Some of our clients might feel self-conscious or embarrassed about getting treatments, but the Genies are always considerate and put everyone at ease right from the first ring. 


Aesthetic Clinic

Excellent well-drilled organisation of superb individuals

The Office Genie are quite simply brilliant, and for more than 2 years has become an integral part of my very successful existence as a Pianist and Piano Teacher. An excellent well-drilled organisation of superb individuals that have enhanced my life many, many times over.

Lincoln Noel

The Lincoln Noel Jazz Trio

Fabulous initiative

Just wanted to let you know I wish I'd started using The Office Genie years ago!

Today one of the Genies took a call from Polly who had her first clean today. She was calling to ask for an invoice and to let me know she's transferred funds. The Genie took it upon herself to ask if she'd been happy with the clean!

Fabulous initiative and proves that your service is so much more than a message taking service.

Julie Beckham

Molly Maid Bexley

Genies Do A Great Job Of Keeping Callers Relevantly Informed

I often get complimented by my patients on how friendly the "lady on the phone" was. They assume that they are in the room next door to me, and when told they are a good few miles away, they are always surprised. Podiatry has the potential to be complex but the Genies do a great job of keeping callers relevantly informed.

Dave James

Walk Specialist Footcare

Highest Levels of Customer Satisfaction

I am pleased to say that, without doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made was to employ the services of The Office Genie.

As a company specialising in the provision of direct sales within the Mobility sector, it was essential that we were able to provide immediate channels of communication between ourselves and both potential and existing customers.

As a team “The Genies” constantly orchestrate the highest levels of customer satisfaction and professionalism and maintain the ongoing communication our customer base demands on a daily basis – added to this is a continual system of reporting to our offices measured and recorded by clerical and IT auditing which is literally updated by the minute – which we have now become dependent upon and which we find invaluable.

The Office Genies have, without doubt, enabled my business to go forward - compete with the demands of an ever changing market place – and essentially always kept communication channels between our business and our customers open and ongoing.


Jamie Newton

Intelligent Mobility

I am delighted to recommend you to everyone!

"The Office Genie has provided an excellent call answering service which has made life much easier for me and provided a very helpful and friendly voice at the end of the phone.

I would like to thank you particularly for making an exceptional effort to put me in touch with a new client on the day I was busy doing fittings in my studio. By going the extra mile to reach me, I was able to get in touch with the new client and myself and my fitter saw her the same day – she placed an order for over £900. This would not have happened, if I’d been relying on my answerphone!"

V Jozsa

House Of Colour

I never miss a phone call

What is extremely helpful is that they know how our business operates. It's great to know I never miss a phone call and that appointments are made for me via my on-line diary even if I am out of the office. All the genies are extremely professional and the customer believes they are speaking to someone in my office which is so important. It’s great to be able to deal with any urgent issues immediately instead of coming back to the office not knowing what might be waiting for me on the answerphone.

M King

Domestic Cleaning Franchisee

Integral part of our clinic

We have been clients of The Office Genie for over 12 years and are delighted with their consistently efficient professional service. They have become an integral part of our aesthetic clinic as it has expanded and have never failed to change and grow along with us. Our own clients frequently tell us how pleasant our Genies are, which; as many times they are our first point of contact, is essential to the success of our company.

M Smith


My sister thought we'd taken on new staff

I had just about given up hope of finding a company to deal with our overflow of incoming calls. The companies I had used in the past were awful, one company couldn't even get our company name right. I wanted my clients to believe that whoever was on the end of the phone were actually sat in my offices. The Office Genie has given me just that, so much so that when my sister recently rang to speak to me, she thought we had taken on new staff.

The Office Genies are ever so helpful and really do feel like an extension of the Bristol Bifold team, they are much more than just a call answering service. I would happily recommend them to anyone thinking of using a service like this

Simon Lippett

Bristol Bifold

Number of estimates went from 8 to 15 within a week!

Every business needs The Office Genie!

When I started my Molly Maid business I was overwhelmed with the number of phone calls, the customer enquiries, building a new business and trying to look after two small children - it was all too much.

Then someone mentioned The Office Genie! Jacqui was fantastic, she understood the requirements of a Molly Maid business and within a couple of days the Genies were handling my calls and managing my diary. The number of estimates booked went from 8 to 15 within a week, just shows how many customers didn't leave a message when they called and got my answer-phone.

I can't thank you all enough for the huge support you have given to me and my business

Cara Heather

Molly Maid Ashvale

Seamless to my clients and callers

I highly recommend The Offices Genie for their call answering and virtual office services. The support to my business has meant that all my calls are answered professionally, in a friendly manner that is seamless to my clients and callers.

By managing my diary and setting up appointments and back office functions you have ensured that customers are not lost, are well informed and dealt with efficiently in my absence.

Without doubt they bring a "virtual touch of magic" to the businesses they work with ...thank you Genies!

Patsy Wood

Dynamic Development Solutions

Such an Obvious Choice

When we used voicemail or a call centre it inconvenienced our clients as we had to call them back. Using this service, a trained stylist has an extra three days a week instead of being "the receptionist". The genies know everything they need to know. When we changed our appointment software, they learned the new system within 24 hours!

Like most salons, we were just not able to get to every call. Using The Salon Genie to book our appointments when they answer the phone was such an obvious choice. The Genies have now become part of our team. 




Boutique Hair Salon

Super friendly, super approachable

I’ve been using Jacqui Frost and The Office Genie to handle incoming sales calls and incoming sales processes for a short while now with one of my retail companies and am absolutely over the moon with the service they provide - Incredibly professional.

We’ve struggled before with outsourcing call handling and order taking and it never really quite worked and the customer service really did suffer

Jacqui Frost and The Office Genie team are absolutely spot on. Super friendly, super approachable, really genuine in their tone and they way they handle enquiries and calls. Incredibly efficient - the systems they have in place are second to none. I would absolutely and highly recommend The Office Genie if you are thinking about outsourcing something as important as customer facing, ordering and /or contact facility they are absolutely top notch.

Jez Rose

The Behaviour Expert

The Most Helpful

The tailor-made package has been most helpful as we work to establish our new company. With the help of The Office Genie we have not missed a call, and in a business where our competitors are not far away this is crucial. We love that our customer never know whether they are talking to the showroom or to The Office Genie. Your dedicated, professional approach alongside the understanding of the things that are important in running a successful business makes your service invaluable.

Tim, Jenny and Jan

Apollo Blinds

The Time Savings For Me Are Amazing

They actually feel like they are part of your team and in the same building, so I feel like they're sat in a room next door taking calls for me; It feels like they're part of my company. Our customers often say things along the lines of "I've spoken to the girls in the office and they're lovely", so they're very much part of the team.

The way I looked at The Office Genie is that they're not the cheapest out there, but if they can capture patients I would ordinarily miss, it's a solution for me. So if a patient calls and I'm not available, they still get to talk to someone and 9 times out of 10 it turns into a booking, so they stop me losing customers. On top of that it saves me a lot of time having to call back patients and chase people; The time savings for me are amazing. I've been using them for about 18 months. 



Dave James

Walk Specialist Footcare

We highly recommend The Office Genie to our franchise network

You’re only as successful as your franchisees, and we know that managing calls can be a challenge for our people who are busy showcasing and installing our gorgeous collections of window blinds, awnings and shutters. We know that if you don’t answer a new enquiry you almost always lose that customer. That means missing even one phone call can make the difference between a successful business and one that that is not performing to its potential.

A Foley

Apollo Blinds


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