Experience great Call Handling first hand... just dial: 01604 532103

Experience great Call Handling first
hand... just dial: 01604 532103.

Call Handling Service

When you need more than Message Taking…

…you need a call handling service that caters to your every wish.

Unlike other call handling services, which work to a script, we act as your partners to give your business the service it deserves.

Your customers and prospects expect to get hold of you the first time they call; they wouldn’t call if they didn’t expect to get hold of you. And meeting customer expectations is the first step to having the business you wish for.

Using our call handling service won’t disappoint your customers (or you), and grants you the peace of mind you need to get on with your work.

It’s your business, so you tell us how we work. Unlike other Genies, you provide any provisos, addendas or quid pro quos. You get exactly the call handling service you wish for.

And the bespoke pricing reflects that. We can just take a simple message or we can handle the entire call or anything in between. It’s your business, you’re the boss.

Whatever your needs, The Office Genie’s call handling service can save your business money, catch additional customers, improve the service or professional image of your business and most importantly give you the support you need to work, play and grow. And all while providing the highest level of customer service.

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