GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019
GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

Experience great Call Handling first hand... just dial: 01604 532103

Experience great Call Handling first
hand... just dial: 01604 532103.

Virtual PA

Skilled personal assistants for a fraction of the cost

When your business needs skilled secretarial work done, don’t think you need to take on an employee or an expensive temp.

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Call answering service

Virtual PA

Your important jobs done by a trusted virtual assistant.

The Office Genie’s Virtual PA’s have a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, and can help any individual or business.

Working off-site, they closely liaise with clients to assist with the day-to-day functions they prefer not to deal with.

You will quickly develop a reliable and professional working relationship adapted to your own unique business requirements, so over time your Genie can anticipate your working style.

For small businesses, The Office Genie’s services are geared to relieving the pressure from existing office personnel and eliminating the need to hire additional onsite help. For example, when your secretary goes on holiday or when work levels pick up.



Don’t let your office get bogged down with a simple mailshot.

Sending mailshots can be a powerful way to generate leads… but at a cost to your office.

Printing letters, checking them and stuffing them into envelopes can bring an office grinding to a halt. And if that’s stopping your team earning money for your business, it’s not a smart thing to do.

The Office Genie can handle every aspect of your mail merge for you. The team can check and tidy your database. They are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

That data can then be merged with a standard letter, each one checked, printed and put in an envelope so the person opening it sees your letterhead first.


Copy Typing

You write, The Office Genie types.

If you still prefer to write things down longhand, The Office Genie can type it up for you. Your document will be professionally laid out, formatted and spell-checked.

The Office Genie team is used to working on highly confidential documents, and will sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.

You pay by the hour - and remember, our team are professionals - they'll type a lot faster than you can!


Audio Typing

If you are struggling to get your work done every day, The Office Genie can help you make the most of the time you have with digital audio dictation and audio typing.

Then The Office Genie team will type up your correspondence from the audio files and email it back.

Emails, letters, memos, reports - or just ideas. Wherever you are or whatever you are doing, you can get information typed up, without having to sit in front of a keyboard.

The Office Genie team is used to working on highly confidential documents, and will sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.


They're highly trained in event administration, professional and efficient giving you complete peace of mind that your event will be a success!

We'd love to assist you with...


  • Deliver great content that gets and keeps your delegates talking
  • Impress your delegates with fabulous locations
  • Sit back, relax and let your Genies do the organising


  • Turn your exhibition into a lucrative cash generator
  • Protect your reputation by delivering a well-organised and highly useful exhibition
  • You don't need to worry about anything from the invitations to the catering - we do it all

Special Events

  • Celebrate your new product launch or business birthday in style
  • Make memories you can truly treasure at an event you'll never forget
  • Enjoy the celebrations without worry of what needs to be done next

It's our job to make your job easier and we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in every aspect of our event administration. So for a truly magical event call us now on 01604 532103.


What our customers say

An excellent service and great value for money

Thank you so much for your help transcribing the two-hour TV show I did recently. The content of the show is an important part of a campaign I’m running to improve the way elderly people are cared for in the UK. The speed and professionalism of your audio typing work has helped me create greater impact and given me more tools for the job.

I’d be delighted to recommend you to others needing virtual office support. You offer an excellent service and great value for money.

Many thanks once again – and I wish you ongoing success with the business!

Angela Sherman

Content Creation

Fastest Growing Franchisee Ever!

One of the challenges I had was visiting clients while maintaining a professional image over the telephone. I learned very early on that no one left a message on an answerphone. I did something about it, and I've got the fastest growing franchise in CerTax's entire history - a good part of that success has been thanks to The Office Genie.

D Nicoll

CerTax Accounting

Highest Levels of Customer Satisfaction

I am pleased to say that, without doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made was to employ the services of The Office Genie.

As a company specialising in the provision of direct sales within the Mobility sector, it was essential that we were able to provide immediate channels of communication between ourselves and both potential and existing customers.

As a team “The Genies” constantly orchestrate the highest levels of customer satisfaction and professionalism and maintain the ongoing communication our customer base demands on a daily basis – added to this is a continual system of reporting to our offices measured and recorded by clerical and IT auditing which is literally updated by the minute – which we have now become dependent upon and which we find invaluable.

The Office Genies have, without doubt, enabled my business to go forward - compete with the demands of an ever changing market place – and essentially always kept communication channels between our business and our customers open and ongoing.


Jamie Newton

Intelligent Mobility

I am delighted to recommend you to everyone!

"The Office Genie has provided an excellent call answering service which has made life much easier for me and provided a very helpful and friendly voice at the end of the phone.

I would like to thank you particularly for making an exceptional effort to put me in touch with a new client on the day I was busy doing fittings in my studio. By going the extra mile to reach me, I was able to get in touch with the new client and myself and my fitter saw her the same day – she placed an order for over £900. This would not have happened, if I’d been relying on my answerphone!"

V Jozsa

House Of Colour

Seamless to my clients and callers

I highly recommend The Offices Genie for their call answering and virtual office services. The support to my business has meant that all my calls are answered professionally, in a friendly manner that is seamless to my clients and callers.

By managing my diary and setting up appointments and back office functions you have ensured that customers are not lost, are well informed and dealt with efficiently in my absence.

Without doubt they bring a "virtual touch of magic" to the businesses they work with ...thank you Genies!

Patsy Wood

Dynamic Development Solutions

The Most Helpful

The tailor-made package has been most helpful as we work to establish our new company. With the help of The Office Genie we have not missed a call, and in a business where our competitors are not far away this is crucial. We love that our customer never know whether they are talking to the showroom or to The Office Genie. Your dedicated, professional approach alongside the understanding of the things that are important in running a successful business makes your service invaluable.

Tim, Jenny and Jan

Apollo Blinds

We highly recommend The Office Genie to our franchise network

You’re only as successful as your franchisees, and we know that managing calls can be a challenge for our people who are busy showcasing and installing our gorgeous collections of window blinds, awnings and shutters. We know that if you don’t answer a new enquiry you almost always lose that customer. That means missing even one phone call can make the difference between a successful business and one that that is not performing to its potential.

A Foley

Apollo Blinds

We needed some help in a hurry for a complex admin project

Very friendly and professional service from the Genies. We needed some help in a hurry for a complex admin project that required good attention to detail and they were able to provide us with what we needed.

Bev Holden

The Clear Thinking Partnership

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